Elon Musk Says Chris Rock Has Invited Him To Open One Of His Shows

The news arose after a virtual entertainment client posted an old clasp from Mr Musk’s Saturday Night Live (SNL) Monologue.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Sunday uncovered that joke artist Chris Rock has welcomed him to open one of his approaching shows.

The news arose after a web-based entertainment client posted an old clasp from Mr Musk’s Saturday Night Live (SNL) Monologue. They even chose Mr Musk’s “stand-up is my side gig” statement to tweet alongside the video. In the clasp, the tycoon said that he “reexamined electric vehicles, and I’m sending individuals to Mars in a rocket transport. How about I be a chill, ordinary man?”

Answering this, Mr Musk then, at that point, uncovered his stand-up plans. “Chris Rock welcomed me to open for one of his shows. Much obliged, Chris! I will make an effort not to flop excessively,” the Tesla boss said.

Web clients rushed to respond to Mr Musk’s declaration. They overwhelmed the remark area on Twitter with funny jokes. While some referred to the infamous slap that Chris Rock got from entertainer Will Smith at the current year’s Oscars service, others essentially said that they’re anticipating seeing it.

One client said, “Elon opening for Chris rock? That show would slap.” Another facetiously expressed, “I trust Will Smith isn’t in the crowd.”

A third remarked, “That will be the greatest evening of satire, I love you both,” while a fourth added, Don’t go all Will Smith on him with your words!


In the interim, this comes after Mr Musk uncovered that he had lost nearly 10kgs – soon after he was envisioned shirtless. He drilled down into his weight reduction venture and shared his normal dietary plans. He said that he has been fasting intermittently, which is causing him to feel improved.

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